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Three Point Marketing

Three Point Marketing was not named in homage to a 3 point shot in basketball. Although Jodie is a huge sports fan, Three Point Marketing got its name because the firm offers three areas of service to help your business thrive. It’s a combination of three areas: Current Client Cultivation, New Client Acquisition, and Branding/Image assistance that provides the right mix for your practice. 

New Client Acquisition

What does your ideal client look like? Who do you enjoy working with? What common characteristics do they have? How can you reach them? 

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Current Client Cultivation

Do you know who your best clients are? Are you delivering platinum service to them? How are you staying in contact with them? How often do they hear from you? What is their satisfaction level? How can you clone them to get more clients just like them? 

Branding and Image

What does your current image say to your clients and prospects? How does the community portray you? Is your image consistent?